(Traveling Show - 2014+)

Recycling objects is a growing and increasingly necessary practice. I came into possession of a significant number of vintage jewelry display cases; 
it was evident they had long service-life of protecting, transporting and presenting jewelry. I found myself thinking "could they be re-purposed to do the same for new types and mediums of art?" Leaving each artist to their own imagination, with the only common denominator being, they all begin with the same jewelry case asking the question: "how can this be put into useful service again?”
The exhibition explores one's innate fascination with the figure; the artists transform global viewpoints, incorporate or engage the audience on an emotional or imaginative level, and encourage collaborative discourse between artist and viewer.

Contoured Essence

(Covington Arts Center - 2013)

Tripletta is a show comprised 
of miniature works of art by a variety of artists, predominately from the Midwest.  One translation of the Italian word Tripletta is small triplet.  Each artist was challenged to create three works of art that were each 2.5”x 3.5” and no thicker than a quarter inch. 
The choice of three was to give artists the opportunity to tell a larger story or show a bit of diversity within their chosen medium. 

Out of the Box

Traveling Show - 2008-2011)

Paige Wideman